12m “PLAY FLY” Pull-up glider and harness


The Wallend-Air PLAY was designed in South Africa by professional paragliding instructors as an invaluable tool for pilots at any level of skill. Ground-handling is one of the most important foundational skills for progressing safely through paragliding.


The PLAY helps pilots develop the sensory awareness for a loss of pressure in the wing, and to build muscle memory for active flying – all on the ground with none of the consequences of altitude! Improvements are noticeable in control and finesse when launching your full-size glider. Ground-handling adds wear and tear to a normal glider with light fabric – with the PLAY pilots will learn basic and advanced aspects of ground-handling in strong or light winds without damaging full-size equipment. The smaller wing also makes it convenient for practicing ground handling skills when the wind is too strong or gusty for safe flight. The PLAY is a fun, compact and affordable accessory which can easily be added to most backpacks.