paragide kite repair south africa
Fixed prices for service with repairs Solo Tandem
Service Centre - Full Service (visual, porosity, line check and trim to spec) R1989.50 R2300.00
Line plan not supplied R337.25 R347.25
Full visual check R428.33 R487.50
Full Porosity Check R428.33 R487.50
Full line check R1561.50 R1592.85
Clean Glider R690.00 R790.00
Reserve Repack R571.50 R657.75
Tandem Reserve Repack N/A R750.00
Top line R280.00
Intermediate line R280.00
Bottom line R330.00
One line replacement minimum fee R235.75
Other services and accessories
Harness clean R550.00
Speedbar fitting R341.50
Reserve swop R230.00
Same day surcharge R675.00
Clinch bag line (6m) with cord stopper R80.00
Wallend-Air Reserve Nappy R285.00
Wallend-Air Reserve Handle R350.00

As an innovative company involved with the unique technicalities of paragliding, we implement 20 years of experience to further the development of our checks and systems.

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It is recommended that you regularly check your wing, especially after a heavy period of use, after an incident/accident or long period of storage. Through use, paraglider lines shrink or stretch, wearas C-lines shrink. As a result, the paraglider flies slower and the handling is less agile. All lines are affected in this way to a greater or lesser dress – regardless of material or manufacturer.

After a year or 15 to 20 flying hours (whichever comes first), this stretching or shrinking has settled. We recommend that you then send the paraglider to Wallend-Air. We have developed our service centre protocol to ensure that we can give you the best possible services and repairs for your complete safety and flying fun.

When it comes to checks we are very particular. We check all the details of the paraglider: porosity, line lengths, our software program automatically feeds the data into the diagnostic software. Using measurements, the software program calculates the paraglider trim and suggests possible trim corrections. These are evaluated by the service inspector and then implemented.

From time to time it will be necessary to patch holes, repair or replace panels, ribs or even the whole leading edge of your glider and we’ve got an excellent team of seamstresses to do this for you, under our guidance. We also repair harnesses and associated paragliding equipment. We take pride in the quality of our repairs with a quick turnaround time.