Running paragliding courses since 1987, Wallend-Air’s training program is the highest qualification available in the country. It is the safest, most comprehensive, and up-to-date training available in the country.

Our paragliding courses are run in the Wilderness area by Pete and Sue Wallenda. Both are highly skilled, experienced, and qualified SAHPA instructors. Together they make a formidable team.


We believe in service excellence which sets us apart. We have designed our own ground training gliders with great success and have a wide selection of rated training equipment.

If you want to learn to fly – you want to learn with us!

We love what we do!




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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADDITIONAL TRAINING: Once you are finished with your basic SAHPA PILOTS LICENCE course and would like to fine-tune your skills we will instruct and guide you to further improve your ground handling and flying skills.
Contact our office for dates and an individualized quote.


We are a pleased to announce the introduction of a NEW COURSE.
By popular demand, we now offer a SACAA Approved Moustache FLARE TRAINING Course.
This 2 – 5 day DIFFERENCES Course focuses on the refinement of skills and adaptions required to cross-over from paragliding to Flare.

If you have no previous training, we will first complete a basic training course with you, before proceeding to Flare Training. 
If you are already a qualified pilot, we will focus entirely on the skills required for Flaring.




We had a dream, that there is more to flying than left & right, to start a revolution in the world of flying and add a real 3rd dimension to your movements in the air.

The idea was to create a fast yet stable wing to fly faster and at the same time not be afraid of collapses. Out of years of knowledge and experience on how to develop famous superstable world-leading kites and the additional background of having high performance and safe paragliders in our company, we made that dream a reality. The flying family has gained another member and we are proud to share it with the world: a faster, more powerful member built to help you move through the air like never before.
This is the most energetic and versatile wing ever allowing you a huge range of movement adjusting your glide ratio, lift and speed to enter the third dimension.
Our proprietary FLARE System is a pulley system to mix the B and C level in ratio to the brake travel that allows you and your parakite to move free:
  • Adjust your glide ratio by fully changing your angle of attack.
  • It’s the first wing in the history of flying uniting steering handles and accelerator and giving both into the brake handles having full control over your hands.
  • The following combination was the key to success. Equipped with a superstable reflex profile construction with a positive momentum means the wing always wants to fly away from you and keeps line tension even in fully accelerated flight.
  • Backed by this reflex profile which ensures prime angle of attack and stability when you need it most. This also lets you keep your kinetic energy and release it whenever you want. That allows you to soar and withstand even stronger winds.
This first-in-class fusion from the best of both worlds paragliding and kiting gives you the following skills:
  • Flying close to the ground made easy whilst precisely adjusting your height.
  • Safely get away from the terrain when pulling the brake handles to fly up, also gaining new possibilities of line choice and terrain capable to fly.
  • A never seen before combination of speed- and glideratiorange in speedwings being able of using your kinetic energy.
  • A way bigger and safer useable wind range while soaring.
  • Be safe on the ground in strong winds on full depower when releasing the brake handles fully upwards.
–> a truly balanced system and a masterpiece of engineering.
It is an insanely versatile construction built for ultimate soaring and named after pure strength. Even though we love our girls… What else to put in the design here than a Moustache.
Whether you’re smashing runs on the coast and dunes with your buddies, or bagging laps during speed flying discovering lines on the world which haven’t been possible before in terms of limitation through glide ratio… we got you covered now… you’re here for the MOUSTACHE.
This special design and construction separate it from common gliders. A selection of premium materials out of our know-how from the development masterminds at skywalk and FLYSURFER providing trustworthy strength leaves no eye dry.
But don’t be fooled – the MOUSTACHE punches above its look with a performance-first mindset.
  • Be aware: The MOUSTACHE is NOT built for thermal flying, nor being used in strong turbulences since a reflex profile is powerful and behaves completely different in collapses!
  • With great power comes great responsibility.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need my own glider?

No, Wallend-Air provides all your training equipment.

What if I have my own glider, but I am rusty?

If you are rusty or have not had enough flights to renew your paragliding license, join our refresher course. If your license has not been renewed for 5 years then you will have to redo your full basic paragliding course. We will take you through the steps to become a confident pilot again.

How does training work? What can I expect?

All Wallend-Air students start with ground training on the beach, and progress from there to ‘bunny hops’ & ground skimming flights off the dunes.  Once this is mastered, we incrementally progress to higher take-off sites until students graduate to their first high solo flights.

Our instructors do instructional tandem flights with each student. Supported by theory and ground training, which is the basis for safe flying. Paragliding is weather dependent, so we adjust the course accordingly. Expect to laugh a lot and have fun.  The initial dune flights can be physical and an average fitness level is advisable.

How many times will I fly?

The minimum requirement to complete a course is 35 flights. Our philosophy is to do as many flights as you can, as safely as can be done, by each student daily.  Repetition builds muscle memory and confidence to ensure you become a safe and confident pilot.

What if I fail?

If you do not complete your course then you have six months to return and complete the course before you have to re-register with SAHPA as a student pilot. Our instructors will discuss your options before and during your course.

Age, fitness, and weather play a role in completing your course. If you have to return for a second course then a ‘return’ discount will apply.

What if the weather is bad?

Our courses run during the summer months to ensure the best possible weather. But, even so, weather happens! We do try our best to accommodate the weather and adjust our schedules to work as productively as possible, using every hour of the day.

Do you refund if I fail?

The requirement is that you complete the course. No refunds are offered if you do not complete your course.

Can I extend my INTRODUCTORY COURSE to a full PILOTS license?

Yes, you can continue from the Intro course to the full Basic license course.

Can I bring my family?

Yes, you can bring your family.  It is important to us that your family is involved and supports your paragliding. There are lots of activities for your family to do in the Garden Route while you are learning to become a safe and competent pilot.  We often teach families to paraglide – siblings, parents and children, best friends…

Are meals included?

Meals are not included.  But, if you are staying with us at Wallend-Air Base Camp, breakfast is included in your daily B&B rate.

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