Swing Mito 2 RS

If you are wanting to turn the dream of flying into a reality, then the MITO 2 is the ideal glider for you. Its launch behaviour is uncomplicated and harmonious, which ensures that novices will make rapid progress and gives advanced pilots peace of mind in difficult areas or in challenging launch conditions. And once you are airborne, the MITO will win you over with its balanced handling which, combined with excellent climb rate, guarantees unique flying experiences which make our sport so special.

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Fulfil your dream and learn to fly with our patented RAST system, proven thousands of times, for rapid learning success.
With the MITO 2 RS, our “flight instructor’s favourite” is entering its 2nd generation.

The basic concept of its successful predecessor has been retained and brought up to the latest state of the art. Among other things, you benefit from a significantly reduced canopy weight without compromising durability.

Like its predecessor, the MITO 2 RS inspires with its uncomplicated and harmonious launch behaviour. To ensure that this remains so even after many packing cycles, we have relied on the indestructible memory material Nitinol as profile reinforcement at the leading edge. Due to the smooth and fine handling, the MITO 2 RS is a real guarantee for fun even long after the training.
Fulfill your dream of flying with the Mito 2 RS!

– Easy to launch without overshooting
– RAST for more control and comfort
– Permanently form-stable leading edge due to Nitinol

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