Skywalk Mint

A new era: 2-liner technology for the sport class!
Based on our X-Alps glider. Top performance meets intuitive handling.

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The beginning of a new era: Our EN-C 2-liner MINT! Designed based on our X-Alps wing for experienced XC-pilots as well as competition newcomers.

During the development of the wing, we were able to profit significantly from our many years of experience in 2-liner construction. The refined design combines the simpler flight characteristics and higher passive safety of EN-C category gliders with the performance of higher rated wings. This makes the MINT ideal for ambitious pilots who want a glider with top performance but prefer the intuitive handling of a compact wing.

With the 2-liner MINT, the performance leap from B to C class is defined even more clearly, opening up new horizons for the pilot


How does the MINT FLY?
The MINT responds directly to control impulses and turns smoothly thanks to its moderate aspect ratio. This allows you to easily core strong thermals – a big advantage especially in windy conditions. The control pressure is clearly defined, so you can keep the wing under control in turbulent conditions. The MINT has a simple launch behavior that requires no special technique and offers you sporty and fun dynamics in the air. The glider is especially suitable for experienced advanced pilots from the high B class who fly their current equipment to its full capabilities, as well as for proven sport and competition pilots.

With the MINT, we place a lot of value on the tension distribution. This makes the canopy very stable for the class, while providing you with the necessary feedback. The speed bar responds smoothly and you can stabilize the glider in accelerated flight fatigue-free and efficiently via the B-lines. The sophisticated canopy design combined with the 2-liner construction guarantee glide and climb performance at the top of the Sport Class and beyond. The exceptional potential of the glider has already been impressively demonstrated in the first competitions of the season!

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Paraglider Size

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Product Specifications

Size 75 85 95 105 115 125
Cells 68 68 68 68 68 68
Area flat (m²) 20.26 21.38 22.70 24.20 25.67 26.94
Area projected (m²) 17.29 18.24 19.37 20.65 21.90 22.98
Wingspan flat (m) 11.34 11.65 12.01 12.40 12.77 13.08
Aspect ratio flat 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40
Aspect ratio projected 4.92 4.92 4.92 4.92 4.92 4.92
Weight (kg) 4.30 4.45 4.60 4.80 5.10 5.30
Certified weight range (kg) 55 – 75 65 – 85 75 – 95 85 – 105 95 – 115 105 – 125
Homologation EN: C* EN: C* EN: C* EN: C* EN: C* EN: C*

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