Woody Valley Wani 3

The Wanì light was one of our best-selling harnesses ever, the Wani 3 is even better – exceptional comfort, very easy in flight handling, safety without compromise 

Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

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The Wanì light was one of our best-selling harnesses ever, but thanks to all the feedback and constructive criticism received on our best-seller , we now have a new Wani, that takes this to a whole other level.

The Wani 3, the all-round improved successor of the Light is equipped as follows:

  • New design
  • More resistant materials
  • Complete with Two-step speed bar
  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Self-inflating airbag protection
  • Enhanced rescue parachute handle
  • Redesigned rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection

It boasts a new rucksack shape and capacity, removable rucksack hip belt, ergonomic shoulder straps, adjustable to your needs. Camelbak pocket, strategic pockets for your accessories, hiking pole pocket, convenient volume reduction straps, external helmet storage, two pockets with zipper on the hip belt, Whiz buckles for an easier stowage of the glider into the harness rucksack and breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder straps for increased comfort.

Why choose the new WANì 3?

• Exceptional comfort:
Thanks to the rigid seat board and to the padded back that spread the pilot’s weight evenly.

• Very easy handling in flight:
The Wanì 3 is stable and precise.
Ideal for both beginners and expert pilots thanks to its smooth handling.
Weighing only 4,1 Kg, the Wanì 3 is great for Hike & Fly too.

• Safety without compromise
Thanks to its strategic internal spring, the Wanì 3 airbag is always inflated and therefore always ready to protect you from impacts.

The new LIGHTSHIELD protection provides further upper back protection. It is made of materials that have been tested and certified by TàœV SàœD, in accordance with standard EU 89/686/EEC Category 2. Furthermore, the protection is TàœV/GS certified. The internal spring does not cushion the impact but allows the airbag to inflate and remain inflated, both on the ground and in flight

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Product Specifications

Type of protection
Tipologia di cinghiaggio
Number of certification
PH 299.2020
Speed bar
120 g
3,8 Kg
4,1 Kg
4,3 Kg
? Kg
Removable rucksack hip belt weight
116 gr
127 gr
141 gr
141 gr
Distance between karabiner and seat
43 cm
45 cm
47 cm
48 cm
Distance between karabiners
37,5-48 cm
37,5-51,5 cm
36-49,5 cm
Seat board rear measurement
33,5 cm
35 cm
37 cm
38 cm
Seat board front measurement
30,5 cm
32 cm
34 cm
34,5 cm
Seat board depth measurement
34,7 cm
36,5 cm
38,5 cm
39,5 cm
Parachute compartment
5,5 liters
5,5 liters
5,5 liters
5,5 liters
*Total weight including reserve parachute handles and karabiners

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