Woody Valley GTO Light 2

The highest expression of comfort and lightness.
Inflatable protection available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

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GTO for sale! The GTO light 2 is the best you can find for Hike and Fly and Cross Country, now even safer and more versatile thanks to the adjustable ABS, the detachable windshield, more resistant elastic materials and the possibility to choose between the foam protection and the new inflatable protection.

The GTO light features:

New design
There are 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL)
Sturdier materials
Edelrid carabiners in different colours
New inflatable low-volume protection
1 colour combination
Enhanced rescue parachute handle
Optional Windshield
Optional Ronstan Orbey block 40 pulleys
ABS adjustment to increase harness stability
The cockpit is secured to the chest strap with a buckle allowing you to adjust its angle
Enhanced leg cover


DOWNLOAD THE MAUAL HERE: https://www.woodyvalley.com/download/manuals/en/GTO-LIGHT-2-ENG.pdf

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Product Specifications

Type of closing strap system
Get-Up with anti-forget system
Type of back protection
Protezione in schiuma da 16 cm o protezione gonfiabile e protezione Lightshield (TÜV cat. 2)
Certification number
Emergency parachute housing
Container under the seat with side handle
Working load
120 daN
Rescue container
cm3 3000 – 5000
*Harness weight with FOAM protection
kg 3,182
kg 3,345
kg 3,591
kg 3,657
*Harness weight with INFLATABLE protection
kg 3,106
kg 3,235
kg 3,444
kg 3,51
Distance between karabiner and seat
cm 46
cm 48
cm 50,5
cm 52
Karabiner-to-karabiner distance (min. max.)
cm 37,5 – 48
cm 37,5 – 48
cm 37,5 – 51,5
cm 37,5 – 51,5
Higher ballast capacity
lt 1
lt 1
lt 1
lt 1
Lower ballast capacity
lt 3,8
lt 4,5
lt 5,3
lt 5,7
Foam protection weight
gr 411
gr 450
gr 530
gr 530
Inflatable protection weight
gr 335
gr 335
gr 384
gr 384
* Total weight including emergency handle, protection, carabiners, speed-bar.


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