Independence Smart Large

Low weight. Large surface
Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
Well-proven annular shape
Small packed measure. Easy to pack
For high all up load: LTF 120kg

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The Independence Smart is manufactured with a lightweight material and smaller packed measure. Independence was able to reduce the weight of this wing, almost by 30% compared to the weight of the Annular Classic! The Independence Smart is designed as a PDA annular parachute. PDA stands for Pull Down Apex, which means that pulling the centre line of the wing will enlarge the projected surface and reduce the weight of the parachute’s canopy. Thereby reducing the opening time and sink rate of the wing.

This wing was developed with a high focus placed on high pendulum stability. This is incredibly important in rescue systems. The high pendulum stability and low sink rate result in smooth landings.

This parachute features serial deployment accelerators, Ram air pockets, which result in fast opening times in all conditions, including extreme conditions.

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Product Specifications

Rescue system surface m² max. total load (LTF) sink rate at max. load (LTF) max. take-off weight (EN, max. 5.5 m/s sink rate) weight of the parachute
Smart L* 38,4 120kg 6,3 m/s at 120kg 100kg 1,8kg

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