Wallend-Air Windsock

Need a windsock? We’ve got one for you.

Orange, white and red windsocks are available.
20cm diameter and 1.1m in length.
It comes with swivel, attachment strings and small clip. A pole is not included.

To purchase Contact Wallend-Air on +27 (0)79 037 6883




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A windsock is a weather-monitoring tool designed to show the direction and strength of the wind.
Made of durable, lightweight material, it features a bright, colorful design that is easy to spot.
The conical shape of the windsock allows it to fill with wind, providing an accurate indication of wind direction and speed.


  • length: 1.1m
  • diameter: 20 cm
  • material: skytex ripstop
  • colours: red, orange and white


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