Wallend-Air Tandem Concertina bag

Durable, Comfortable.Made from LightRipstop material. Perfect for quick packing of all your equipment while maintaining the integrity of your wing. A must for Tandem pilots.

Available in red, yellow and white. Enquire on ordering for colours available.

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The concertina-packing bag is the quickest and best way to pack and store your paraglider. And for a Tandem pilot always up and down the mountain in a rush, its a must have. You just don’t have the time …

You know, the way you pack and store your paraglider directly affects its longevity and performance – careless packing can crease and damage the internal reinforcements in the wing. You can’t afford that.

Concertina-folding your wing is the surest way to protect the integrity of your leading edge. It’s quicker than the conventional packing system and helps retain the performance of your wing over time.

It’s also the easiest way to pack up in a strong wind, and better still it allows you to pack up and get back to your launch site in the quickest possible time. And it’s the simplest and quickest way to unpack and get ready to fly again. Triple bonus.