Skytraxx 2.1 Vario

“An easy-to-use hi-tec vario with high-precision sensor, competition functions and built-in FLARM for improved security.

Wireless. Energy efficient. Easy handling. Simple setup. Highly compatible.




–  Configurable screen pages
16 GigaByte memory
– Speech output
– Thermal assistant
– Live tracking
– 3D airspace surveillance
– Obstacle warning navigation
– Forwarding of the data to external devices
– XC points calculation
– Summer and winter time
– Multiple pilot profiles
– Languages DE, EN, FR, IT, PL
– Very easy to use
– Competition functions
– Hyke mode
– AGL (height above ground)
– Integrated flight log with statistics

Variotone can be configured using the tone editor
– FAI triangle calculation
– Wind direction and speed
– Units metric or imperial
– Integrated WLAN
– USB-C interface


XCMag review: Skytraxx 2.1 sits in the middle of their range, below the colour-screened 3.0. It is a fully-functional GPS/vario with competition functions as well as built-in FLARM for improved security.

it’s bright orange! A similar size to the Naviter Hyper. Except its a little shorter and has a landscape orientation,

An aerial for the FLARM system sticks out of the top. The black-and-white LCD screen takes up most of the front, with four buttons below. A protective orange rubber bumper runs around the sides, keeps it safe from the rough and tumble of flying.

On one side, under a rubber flap, is the USB-C port. It’s nice to see this new format being used, as they are much less fiddly and bang up to date. The port is used for charging the instrument as well as connecting it to a computer. On that, the instrument acts as a mass storage device, which makes it a breeze to copy files to and from.

Designed to be as simple as possible to use, while at the same time retaining all the functionality you need.

Updating the instrument is simple – just connect it to your Wi-Fi at home. This not only offers firmware updates, but will also update the airspace and obstacles database (via XContest), making it simple to keep flying with the latest data. If you get into the habit of switching on in range of your home Wi-Fi, then you can be sure the data will always be up to date.

On first power-up there is a series of pre-set screens that you can choose to have enabled or not, as well as in which order you would like them. Each screen has a certain number of fields that are user-selectable. The screens don’t automatically switch between themselves depending on what you are doing in flight, as they do on some instruments, but this does mean things stay simple. The design of the buttons also makes switching easy with gloves on.

Read full review here:

Have a look at the review from Greg Hammerton‘s YouTube video on the Skytraxx 2.1 🤩


Product Specifications

Display screens: 9
Display: 240 x 160 grayscale
Size: 90 x 114 x 20mm
Weight: 150g
Features: Vario, airspace, FLARM/FANET+, Wi-Fi, auto updating
Battery: Internal, >40 hours
Warranty: Three years

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