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FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS! The ALL NEW SCALA 2 has arrived! And its impressive!

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The first SCALA 2 has just arrived! And its impressive!

Size 18 and 19 are certified EN C.

The SCALA 2 light outperforms the SCALA (1) X-alps in every area. It is cleaner, faster and more form stable.
With it’s high aspect ratio and performance the SCALA 2 stands out of the C class. Its a game changer.

It boasts improved and optimized parameters:
– airfoil and suspensions are different.
– sail tension (ballooning) is new.
– the entire rigging is new: enabling bigger sizes and big ears
– new materials (lines, cloth)
– new intake shape and size
– different rod length and locations
– new strap configuration

The wing is really easy to manage! The most outstanding feature is the extremely stable airfoil.

The Scala 2 boasts an improved rigging system, allowing bigears, a higher load for bigger sizes and better form stability.
The balooning has been optimized, as well as the rod length, shape and number.
The SCALA 2 light uses the superlight D10 cloth in bottomsail: so we gained a little weight reserve for more rods in topsail.
The airfoil and intakes have been slightly adapted to improve performance and handling.
And it boasts a new riser and line attachment system offering more control at max speed.

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