Swing Miura RS

* ONE GLIDER, 2 CLASSES * The best paraglider is whichever one is best suited to the particular pilot. We developed the MIURARS for ambitious pilots who are looking for a glider with excellent properties in thermal flight, which they can use to perfect their skills over a number of years.

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The MIURA RS is in essence an elegant 48 cell glider in the low-end B category, but it transforms into an A category glider when needed in just a few simple steps. You decide which category glider you wish to fly, but at the same time keep your options open.

The challenge we faced when developing the Swing MIURA RS was to create a glider with enough performance for ambitious beginners to be able to get into thermalling and cross-country flying, but which still had the feeling of safety and comfort during flight found in a basic intermediate wing. As soon as we had tested the first prototypes, we knew that the MIURA RS  was more than just an ordinary basic intermediate glider. Performance and handling reveal B category genes but, with moderate use of the speed system, its behaviour in terms of safety is consistent with that of a glider in the A category. For this reason we decided to have the MIURA RS certified twice: firstly as an A category glider suitable for training, and secondly as a basic intermediate with its benefits of the extended speed range. This is possible by adding or unmounting the speed limiter, which pilots can do themselves in just a few seconds.

  • Speed limiter combines A and B categories into one paraglider
  • balanced handling and excellent climb characteristics
  • RAST for greater control and comfort

Who should fly the Swing MIURA RS

Ambitious beginners wanting to use the performance and handling of an intermediate glider in their training, but who still want to keep the passive safety of the A category, will immediately feel at ease with the MIURA RS. The balanced damping and optimised RAST system will give you the confidence to climb higher than ever before, even in rough conditions. And on the subject of climbing, even its simple launch behaviour underlines its commitment to transport you with ease into the sky. This means the MIURA RS is ideal as your future-proof first paraglider. Pilots coming from a higher EN rating and those who don’t fly very often will also appreciate the glider’s accessible performance.

With 48 cells and its efficient speed system, it offers climb and glide performance that is outstanding in this class, and which will still put a smile on your face even after years. We have also refined its handling so that you will always be in full control of the situation even in turbulent thermals. And if conditions should ever become rougher than was expected, RAST will help you maintain pressure in the canopy.

For more information : https://www.swing.de/produkte/miura-rs/?lang=en



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