Second-time-around New Ninja light bunch bag

Our brand new feel good, bunchbag of funshine, is made with love in SA from previously loved gliders.
This lightweight, easy to use, snatch-and-grab bag makes packup-and-go fast and efficient while at the same time doing our part to save the planet.

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Okay, so we admit it! Paragliders are just a little different.

But, good different πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ That’s just what happens when you spend your days with your eyes set skyward. When you see things from above and not below!
The thing is we really see the beauty around us – and we love what we see. 😍🌎
Hence our ode to pre-loved aka recycling 😎
Introducing our ‘Second-time-around’ New Ninja light bunch bag.
Made with ❀️ in SA from previously loved gliders.
Durable, Comfortable. Made from Light Ripstop material.
Perfect for the quick packing of all your equipment – while maintaining the integrity of your wing. It’s the easiest way to pack up in a strong wind, and better still it’s the simplest and quickest way to unpack and get ready to fly again
Holds unfolded glider, Harness, Helmet, … etc