PHI Sonata 2

The SONATA 2 – Taking performance and safety to a new level of balance. Takeoff is easy, roll stability excellent and most noticeable: the performance is a cut above the rest.

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Combining performance and safety to a new level of balance

The SONATA 2 is the small sister of the SYMPHONIA 2. Because of the higher safety level it can afford a very big extended weight range to offer the pilot or the school more options. The covered lines make it easier for not so experienced pilots. The take off behaviour as well as the roll stability are excellent: a MUST HAVE for a modern wing in that class. Takoff is easy, roll stability excellent. All-sheathed lines makes for easy handling, and most noticeable: the performance is a cut above the rest.

To optimize wings in that mid A class is not an easy task. The structural stiffness is a challenge. More wing curve is not the way to go as it results in less roll compensation. So we had to invest in the internals and the line angles. In contrast to the first generation of SONATA, the SONATA 2 has 3 main lines and plenty of diagonal fingers. A very high complexity for this cost critical class of “school wings”. But the result of this effort is opening the door for not only being a “school wing”. The SONATA 2 has a delightful handling and an outstanding performance, which pleasures advanced pilots long after their first flights on the training hill.

PHI SONATA RENIEW: Phi’s new EN-A Sonata 2 is all about safety and easy handling. Very wide weight ranges make it versatile for school use and for paramotoring.

It has 40 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 4.72. The middle (22m² projected / 26m² flat area) size is certified EN A for 75-95kg standard and up to 110kg extended for free flight. It is also DGAC certified up to 150kg for paramotoring. All five sizes have similarly extended weight ranges.

Phi say the Sonata 2’s take-off is very easy and it is a very roll stable wing.

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