THE BEAT OF YOUR HEART! The BEAT is the synthesis of several current concepts from our range.

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Phi have announced the new Beat: the fifth EN-B in their range (including lightweight versions). It fits in the range between the Tenor/Tenor Light and Maestro/Maestro X-Alps.

“We want to make sure that every pilot finds the right wing for himself”, designer Hannes Papesh explains. Phi say the Beat is a well balanced wing, very precise with excellent feedback.

It has 56 cells, a flat aspect ratio of 5.3 and robust, sheathed lines. Phi say its complex structure gives it excellent form stability, which is what makes the handling and feedback so good. It combines this handling with good performance, and excellent behaviour in manoeuvres.

It is available in six sizes, for weight ranges from 50kg to 130kg, in blue, lime or gold.

The BEAT is the synthesis of several current concepts from our range. So he combines some of his brothers’ strengths.
At the request of many pilots, the BEAT has only robust, sheathed TECHNORA lines on the brakes and stabilo, which stand out clearly from the ground in their orange.
With this decision we follow our conviction that paragliding has to become easier again!
Despite the theoretically higher resistance of these somewhat thicker lines, we could not measure a performance disadvantage, on the contrary. Above all, this wing seems to benefit from its exceptionally clean finish.
The BEAT has a very high level of form stability due to its complex structure. This makes it fly extremely precise and gives excellent feedback!

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