Ozone Geo 6


The Geo 6 – This is the ideal travel & adventure wing in the intermediate range. Lighter, higher performance, and more fun than ever!



In Ozone’s Geo series, the Ozone Geo 6 has had the most substantial performance increase and weight decrease. The improved design provides better speed and glide throughout its speed range. The weight of this wing is 350 grams less than its predecessor.

This wing is ideal for travel and adventure in the intermediate range. It is comfortable and easy to fly. The Geo 6 is highly capable of XC performance and has low weight and pack volume.

The internal structure of the Geo 6 is designed for longevity. The top surface is a combination of Dominico 20D and Porcher 27 Classic. The lower surface is made from Porcher 27 Classic. This wing has 3D shaping and G-string straps.

The Ozone Geo 6 is ideal for travelling pilots and hike and fly missions. It is for more experienced pilots who fly between 30 to 50 hours every year.

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