PHI Symphonia 2

THERE’S NO STOPPING REVOLUTION – The Symphonia 2 has re-defined the performance limits of the A class.
Super High A” is now a thing!

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Not only have we created a new class with the SYMPHONIA and finally established the A class as the “standard class”. “Super High A” is now a thing!

The SYMPHONIA 2 combines the unique properties of the SYMPHONIA with some new know how.
The leading edge is more stable, a new intake makes launching much easier.
The mini ribs and new rods in the nose improve performance.
The sail cut has been revised.
Line material and line geometry are new.
The weight has been noticeably reduced.

Summing all up, the SYMPHONIA 2 performs even better than its predecessor and is easier to use.
The center wing is more stable, which improves handling and safety!
Precision and efficiency of the handling is reaching a new level.
Glide on speed is even more outstanding.

The SYMPHONIA 2 is establishing a new standard: the A class as the standard class. The SYMPHONIA is a high performance wing with A class safety. The SYMPHONIA 2 raises the margin. This is paragliding as it was meant to be: a high level of performance and a very high safety: being able to be used, controlled and enjoyed by everyone.
The SYMPHONIA 2 sets new standards in terms of safety / performance!

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