Independence Geronimo 3

Meet the all new Geronimo 3 – Compared to its predecessor, the Geronimo³ has been completely revised in terms of material and design. Efficient, weight-optimized, extremely high profile stability, especially in the upper speed range

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Compared to its predecessor, the Geronimo³ has been completely revised in terms of material and design. It perfectly combines high gliding performance and speed potential with fine, first-class handling. Built with lightweight and exceptionally durable materials.

The Geronimo3 is designed for the switcher within Category B or the ambitious climber from Category A. It offers easy-to-fly, very high performance potential with large safety reserves. If you are looking for excellent performance for longer cross-country flights with sensitive handling, the Geronimo3 is the right choice.

The Geronimo is a high-level B-class glider with easy starting characteristics. It has sensitive, easy handling and excellent climbing characteristics, making it the ideal companion for cross-country flights or thermal fun on the flying mountain.

The Geronimo³ has a great feel-good factor! You can enjoy this right after the start when you turn into the first thermal. He raises every lift without delay. Thanks to the precise and delicate handling, even very small thermal beards can be centered and twisted out. Thanks to the outstanding gliding performance, the high top speed and the manageable extreme flight behavior, the Geronimo3, like its predecessor, is a cross-country fighter with which you can float elegantly over the landing site after a successful day of XC.

The Geronimo³ has a very wide permitted weight range. This allows you to choose the optimal wing loading individually, depending on your preferred flying terrain. While in flatland it is often an advantage to travel with “one square meter” more for a little less sink, in alpine flying terrain a higher wing loading and a higher top speed are often an advantage. As a rule, however, you can ride optimally under all conditions if you are within the recommended weight range we specify.

The requirements for a B-class device are significantly higher than for a C-class device. For example, longer control paths until the flow stalls and more forgiving folding/unfolding behavior are clear distinguishing criteria between the two classes. This also means significantly lower dynamics in the B-Class. Other test flight maneuvers even skip the “B” classification straight from “A” to “C”.
For flying practice with the Geronimo3, this means a significantly higher feel-good factor under the paraglider.

With weight shifting and control line insertion in the upper area, the Geronimo3 turns flat and takes any climb with you. The Geronimo3 reacts to small control corrections as delicately as a high-performance engine with only a small amount of effort. In tight, stronger thermals, the wing can be centered precisely with a greater angle of inclination, but it cannot be levered out of the thermal path.

Flying the spiral dive is the parade maneuver! High sinking values ​​are quickly reached. Nevertheless, the wing remains easy to control and shows no tendency to rotate on its own.


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