Skytraxx 4

The SKYTRAXX 4 Is the latest instrument that will do everything you want from a beginner to a top competitor.

If you have any questions, or are interested in testing the Skytraxx please contact Walled-air directly on +27 79 037 6883



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  • Airspace map
  • Airspace cross view
  • Fanet radar
  • Xxl page
  • Navigation
  • Fai triangle assistant
  • Barogram
  • Kk7 skyways and thermals
  • Thermal assistant

Wireless: The SKYTRAXX 4 has an integrated SIM card. Live tracking worldwide. Upload flights directly after landing. Updates of airspaces, obstacles, etc.

Energy Efficient: Very economical processor. Color display with low power consumption. Smart energy saving functions.

Simple setup: Pre-configured for the first flight.

Safety: With the built-in FLARM, other aircraft are informed and warned of dangerous collisions

Networking: FANET means “Flying ad-hoc Networks” and offers automatic networking of flight instruments with one another.

Automatic updates of the airspaces and the obstacle database, software updates over-the-air are included in the service. Over time, your SKYTRAXX 4 will get even better with wireless software updates. Live tracking and the upload of flights to the XC server is very easy without external devices. More services will be added over time.

To learn more visit:
Or contact Pete directly on +27 79 037 6883

Product Specifications

Technical specifications:
– 115 x 106 x 15 mm
–  200 grams light
– 16 GB memory
– GSM (integrated SIM card) *
– Global Navigation Satellite System. worldwide maps
– (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
– G-Force sensor
– Pressure sensor
– ACC sensor
– Gyro
– Lithium ion battery 3.7 V 2,700 mAh
– Run time up to 30 hours
– GSM intergrated*
– FLARM and FANET integrated
– Vario without delay
– Integrated receiver for remote control

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