Skyman Cross Country 2


Skyman Cross Country 2 – The powerful intermediate wing with exceptional gliding performance.



The redesign of Skyman Cross Country 2 achieved a gain on speed, weight, performance and safety. The enhancements of canopy, line geometry and especially of its materials are the reason for these huge improvements. Its Shark-Nose leading edge is made of durable NCV Skytex 32 with profiles made of NCV Skytex 32 Hard Finish and notably contributes to the improved performance and incredible stability. Cross Country 2 demonstrates an enormous safety in all test manoeuvres. In thermals and dynamic upwinds its handling is almost playful – a character, which will fill many pilots with joy. Due to that concept the Skyman Cross Country 2 is the ideal all-round paraglider for Hike & Fly as well as for long distance paragliding. It can perform anywhere – in the mountains, in lowlands or when being winch launched.

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