PHI Concerto


The CONCERTO – The best share performance at maximum safety.



Our team has many years of experience in the construction of tandem paragliders. As a result the PHI CONCERTO offers maximal safety (A class rating), reliability, robustness and extraordinary usability to support the professional pilot and make daily tandem flying enjoyable.

Only 3 line levels, indestructible PPSL for the heavily loaded A and B lines, double zigzag technology, finger diagonals, flexible reinforcements in the leading edge and aerofoil, high quality cloth, a detachable big ear tool, very efficient trimmers and a huge weight range.
Everything you want in a tandem wing.

Hannes Papesh

The main secret of the PHI CONCERTO are his genes. Even with a max weight of 240kg and open trimmers, it is still an A rated wing!
The outstanding genes of the SYMPHONIA made this possible.
But the CONCERTO is not only an upscaled SYMPHONIA, there have been important changes to adapt the SYMPHONIA concept to the demands of a biplace glider.

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