Ozone Alpina 4




The Ozone Alpina 4 represents the largest performance gain throughout the Aplina series. This wing is 500g lighter than the Alpina 3. The weight reduction results in handling and performance benefits. It has a more agile feel and better collapse behaviour. During full speed glides, this wing has sink rate advantage of +12cm/s. The maximum speed of this wing is 5kph faster than the Alpina 3.

The Alpina 4 is a XC glide machine in turbulance, due to the optimised internal structure and improved airfoil design. Even during extreme turbulent conditions, the wing retains its shape and efficiency without performance loss from chordwise deformation. Even at full speed during turbulance, this wing is highly resistant to collapse.

This wing is suitable for intermediate to advanced pilots who have SIV experience and fly between 70 to 100 hours every year. Experienced pilots will find the Alpina 4 to be a satisfying XC tool.

The Ozone Alpina 4 features:

  • Optimised wing twist
  • Improved structure and line architecture
  • No shock re-inflation
  • Improved handling compared to Alpina 3
  • Precise and linear brakes
  • Easily adjustable angle of bank
  • Strong chord structure
  • High sail cohesion
  • High levels of passive safety

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