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The Nova Mentor 6 is made from durable and lightweight material. The wing has internal mini-rib seams and material that ensures that the wing is more resilient and durable when coming in to land. The wing has aerodynamically shaped seams and has less brake pressure. Compared to the Mentor 5, the Mentor 6 has had improvements made to the glide performance and the handling.

According to Thermik magazine, this wing “virtually invites 8 to 10 hour XC-flights” and is capable of achieving a high average speed. This is a result of the Ronstan ball pulleys on the speed system, which reduces the effort required of the pilot to accelerate the wing.

The Nova Mentor 6 features:

  • Zig-zag 3D shaping and reworked curvature
  • Smooth trailing edge
  • Increased accelerated glide
  • Newly designed risers
  • Double-B splits
  • Less brake pressure
  • Capable of high average speeds
  • Intuitive handling
  • Ronstan ball bearing pulleys

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High-Tech for the EN B Class (EN/LTF B)

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