Demo Pro Design Accura 3 90 Small EN-B 90-110kg


Pro Design have unveiled the new EN-B Accura 3, which they say is “top among intermediate paragliders”. 


“Bomb-proof in turbulence, with likable, agile handling and the performance to out-climb higher class wings in thermals”, Pro Design say the Accura 3 is even better than its predecessor.

Changes made over the Accura 2:

  • New lighter fabric, lower canopy weight, smaller packing, with new coating for improved porosity figures and longer life span
  • SST technology (profile nose part reinforcement for better and unchanged launch behavior during the glider‘s whole life span)
  • New wing tip shape, resulting in a higher aspect ratio
  • Optimised wing tip air inlets with mesh openings for improved inflation characteristics
  • Improvement on interior rib and V-rib construction
  • Improvement of launch and groundhandling characteristic
  • Increased rib-to-rib vent function
  • New canopy design and colors (red, blue, yellow or green and white)

The company say they use high quality materials and guarantee their workmanship.

The Accura 3 is available in four sizes.