Swing Connect Race Light


CONNECT RACE LITE…lightweight, control, performance!



Cross country flying is one of the supreme disciplines of paragliding. Anyone who starts their flight adventure from remote take-off sites, which can often only be reached on foot, enjoys the maximum possible freedom. The sporty, elegant Swing Connect Race Light accompanies you as a comfortable cross-country harness in all your projects. Light enough for extended hike & fly tours, the construction and the choice of materials guarantee durability and easy handling in the air and on the ground. The protector options and the removable seat board give you the opportunity to optimize the Connect Race Lite to your personal needs and intended use.

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Product Specifications

Certification EN – LTF
Locking system Get-up system with safety mechanism
Protector 16cm foam protector or inflatable protector with
Lightshield back protection (TÜV cat. 2)
Certification number EAPR-GZ-0831/18
Usage restriction 120 daN
Reserve chute container Under seat, side deployment handle
Volume of reserve container 3000 – 5000 cm3
Size S M L XL
Total harness weight
minimal equipped*
with inflatable protector
3,08 kg 3,22 kg 3,46 kg 3,62 kg
Total harness weight
minimal equipped*
with foam protector
3,16 kg 3,34 kg 3,62 kg 3,74 kg
Total harness weight
fully equipped**
with inflatable protector
3,52 kg 3,76 kg 4,00 kg 4,16 kg
Total harness weight
fully equipped**
with foam protector
3,62 kg 3,88 kg 4,16 kg 4,28 kg
Distance carabiner – seat board 46 cm 48 cm 50,5 cm 52 cm
Distance between main carabiners (min. – max.) 37,5 – 48 cm 37,5 – 48 cm 37,5 – 51,5 cm 37,5 – 51,5 cm
Storage capacity front pocket 1 l 1 l 1 l 1 l
Storage capacity bottom pocket 3,8 l 4,5 l 5,3 l 5,7 l
Foam protector weight 410 g 440 g 520 g 520 g
Inflatable protector weight 335 g 335 g 384 g 384 g
Seatboard weight 220 g 220 g 220 g 220 g
Lightshield back protection weight 240 g 240 g 240 g 240 g