Annular Evo 22 – 130kg

Rescue parachute: lightweight Annular EVO – The series name Annular stands for quality, reliability and countless successfull rescue openings.


The series name Annular stands for quality, reliability and countless successful rescue openings. With the Annular EVO series, we even managed to improve its well-proven technology at some essential attributes, which made it the lightweight among annular parachutes! Our development progress, especially in material development, resulted in essential advantages regarding weight reduction and strength. In our Annular EVO series we use a new, extremely light and highly tensile fabric and lines, thus achieve a weight reduction of 30% compared to Annular Classic. Annular EVO is serially equipped with deployment accelerators (RAM air pockets)! For fast and reliable openings even at low speed. Thus Annular EVO 22 combines well-known low sink rate and pendulum stability of Annular Classic with innovative material to rEVOlutionary good lightweight rescue system.

The Independence Annular Evo 22 has:

Extremely high standards for material selection and production
Well-proven annular shape
Low sink rate
Low pendulum risk
Very low weight, light and durable material
Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
New deployment container technology for fast opening
Clearly visible fabric colour: orange
Certified according to LTF 35/03 and EN 12491

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Sink Rate

Product Specifications

Rescue system surface m² max. total load at sink rate of 5,5 m/s (acc. EN) max. total load acc. LTF sink rate at max. load (LTF)
weight of the parachute
Annular20 EVO 32 100kg 100kg 5,45 m/s 1,55kg
Annular22 EVO 36 120kg 130kg 5,67 m/s 1,8kg
Annular24 EVO 40 135kg 160kg 6,20 m/s 2,0kg
Annular30 EVO (Tandem) 65 195kg 230kg 6,10 m/s 3,1kg

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