Product Management Guide

Product Content

All product content can be easily updated on the product page (see how esecifications are updated here). These listed here are the sections of interest, displayed on the front end and so require to be up to update.

When adding links it is wise to ensure the link title as well as the link is specified. Also, activate the Open in New Window setting so that potential customers do not navigate away from your site and just get additional tabs and information. Here is how to do this:

Adding Product Links


Here is an example of how to add specifications from a manufacturer's webpage.

Adding Product Specifications

Note that the source information is in html format which enables you to copy and paste the information.If it is in an image only you will be required to either use the image on the product page and refer to it in the specifications section, or type the information manually.


Seperate from the content, product properties are used to group and filter products quickly and effectively. Here we use a combination of categories and attributes.


A product category is basically also just an attribute of a product. Yet, its used as the main attribute and for grouping.


- Each product typicaly belongs to only one category. There are exceptions such as for used equipment which will have the additional category `Secondhand Equipment`. Assigning a product multiple categories will only result in it being displayed in more places. - Select the lowest detailed category. E.g.The Ozone Buzz Z6 is a progression glider so we only select category Progression and not the parent category Gliders: All Products [ ] -> Gliders [ ] -> Progression [x] - If a new product is added with no category it will be assigned to the Uncategorized category by default. Continuously monitor products in this category and assign them appropriately. REMEMBER: to remove the category Uncategorized in the process.

A product's categories are updated from the product's page itself as shown here:

Product Category

Available Categories

Here is the Category layout at time of writing. These can be managed as required ( see Category Management)

Category Management

Categories can be managed from the admin under Products -> Categories, as illustrated here.

Hint: the count column displays the amount of products within that category and can be clicked on to display these products in the admin area for further product management.

Category Management


Product Attributes

Complementing categories are product attributes. These are usually more detailed than the broader category of a product and are used to search and filter products in the shop. All product attributes are displayed under the Additional Info tab on the front-end as shown here:

Product Attributes

- Every product should have at minimum `Discipline` and `Manufacturer` - All gliders should also have `Certification` - If a glider or harness has the size attribute (e.g. S, M, L, XL) then the product specifications should be updated from the manufacturer with the detailed specs. - Distinguish between `Paragliding Size` and `Harness Size` - Add new attributes if not found in existing lists. See below [Attribute Management](#attribute-management)

Attribute Management

Attributes can be managed from the admin under Products -> Attributes, as illustrated here.

Note that from here you can go to two additional screens from here, one wherein you will update the Attribute's properties itself such as Manufacturer and the other where you update the terms associated with that particular attribute such as Ozone, Swing, Wallend-Air etc.

Attribute Management


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